Hae Soo Jo

Gem Art Therapy

Hae Soo Jo

Art therapy is a form of expressive counseling method which utilizes the creative art process to effect healing (physical, mental, and emotional well-being). In art therapy, art and art making processes are used as a safe therapeutic tool to help one to recognize and deal with one’s ongoing life issues and conflicts by allowing one to let the unconscious to speak without the limitations of language. Art therapy is used with people of all ages and artistic talent or previous art background is not essential in art therapy.

Benefits of Art Therapy
Art therapy…
- Promotes self-expression, feelings and emotions
- Facilitates positive perspectives on one’s life
- Promotes a sense of personal independence, self-reliance and self sufficiency
- Allows people to verbally and nonverbally communicate emotions
- Develops hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and finger dexterity and speed
- Promotes problem solving skills, and healthy coping strategies
- Helps to work with traumatic experiences
- Develops interpersonal skills
- Helps children increase attention span
- Improve imagination and abstract thinking
- Enhances visual/spatial abilities
- Is good for recreation and leisure

Individual art therapy, group art therapy, and workshop for Children, Adults, Adolescents, Elderly, Families
Focus: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Creativity, Dementia, Depression, Mental Illness, Self-Esteem, Special Needs

Hae Soo Jo is an Art Therapist operating a private practice in Greater Vancouver and Lower mainland areas in Canada. She obtained a BA in Psychology and Counselling at Simon Fraser University, and a Master level's Diploma in Art Therapy at Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. Hae Soo has had a wide experience in planning and facilitating individual/group art therapy programs and workshops. Having served as a Behavioral Interventionist for children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, she knows how to effectively work with children and youth with special needs in therapeutic settings. By using creativity as a healing tool, she provides learning opportunities to help them gain various important skills. Hae Soo’s approach to art therapy is an art and client-centered based approach which is based on genuine support and acceptance, openness, empathetic listening, and opportunity for exploration and healing through creative expression. She believes every client has the creativity, the need for the creation, and the ability to heal themselves through creative expression

“Tri-Cities Therapy was the treatment my son needed to improve his overall outcome with regards to speech, language and communication. Arlene and her team gave me the tools so I can be the best for my son and I can never thank her enough for helping me help my son. Thank you for everything!”

E. Rasula