Sasha Galve, ROT

Registered Occupational Therapist

Sasha Galve

Sasha is a dedicated and compassionate occupational therapist with a focus on community living skills. She has extensive experience in facilitating independence and enhancing the quality of life for individuals facing physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges. In addition, Sasha is skilled in conducting thorough assessments, developing personalized treatment plans, and implementing evidence-based interventions.

Since Sasha is passionate about fostering meaningful connections with clients, families, and caregivers, she also creates a supportive and collaborative therapeutic environment. She is proficient in developing skills for activities of daily living (ADLs), making adaptive equipment recommendations, and implementing environmental modifications to promote optimal functioning.

Sasha has demonstrated expertise in managing chronic conditions, neurological disorders, and sensory integration challenges. Committed to ongoing professional development to stay abreast of emerging trends, she employs best practices throughout her practice in occupational therapy. As a team player with excellent communication skills and a holistic approach to patient-centered care, Sasha aims to make a positive impact on individuals' lives.