Research Based

Our therapists are constantly upgrading their skills and learning about the newest research based treatments.

Client Directed

Our functional goals are based on the needs and wants of the family and provided in a fun, supportive environment

Outcome Driven

While success is never guaranteed, progress is checked regularly and a key component for ongoing treatment.


All therapists provide weekly sessions. Some also provide sessions on an intensive (2+ sessions per week), bi-weekly or consultative basis. The therapy programs are designed with the child and their family in mind, using a “client-centred approach", and are based on assessment results and each child’s specific needs. The various therapies occur in a fully equipped clinic that is designed and outfitted with the tools and materials required to support active learning in a fun, supportive environment.


The therapists at Skylark Therapy use a variety of methods to assess your child’s abilities, needs and barriers, in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. Some of these methods include caregiver interviews, standardized assessment diagnostic therapy and clinical observation. Standardized assessment, the most common form of assessment, takes a snap shot in time of the child’s functioning level. It is most useful when seeking a diagnosis or “label”. We are trained in the current standardized assessment materials required to diagnose disabilities within our field and support a multidisciplinary diagnosis in more complex cases, e.g. Autism Spectrum, Global Developmental Delay, etc.

Dynamic assessment and diagnostic therapy are less common but more useful in identifying strategies and short/long term goals for intervention. It is short term, typically 4-8 weeks, and focuses on setting goals and supporting strategies. It is also a helpful way to develop and incorporate therapy goals and support into a home team intervention plan.


We are available to meet with parents, teams, and schools, to talk about your child’s challenges, and help set goals and strategies; to elaborate on a report; and/or discuss the implementation of recommendations and interventions. The Consultants at Skylark Therapy are also available to work as part of your home based team to support ongoing implementation and development of therapeutic goals into a behaviour or learning plan.


Our comprehensive assessment reports are included in the cost of the assessment. The report contains all assessment and evaluation results, an analysis of the results, conclusions regarding a child’s functional level with respect to their development in relation to peers and recommendations for strategies, adaptations and specific interventions, to address each child’s unique challenges.
An annual progress report/treatment plan or discharge report is provided free of charge, upon request, after 12 months of continuous therapy.

All other reports are provided for a fee, upon request.