The therapists at Tri-Cities Therapy use a variety of methods to assess your child’s abilities, needs and barriers, in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. Some of these methods include caregiver interviews, standardized assessment diagnostic therapy and clinical observation. Standardized assessment, the most common form of assessment, takes a snap shot in time of the child’s functioning level. It is most useful when seeking a diagnosis or “label”. We are trained in the current standardized assessment materials required to diagnose disabilities within our field and support a multidisciplinary diagnosis in more complex cases, e.g. Autism Spectrum, Global Developmental Delay, etc.

Dynamic assessment and diagnostic therapy are less common but more useful in identifying strategies and short/long term goals for intervention. It is short term, typically 4-8 weeks, and focuses on setting goals and supporting strategies. It is also a helpful way to develop and incorporate therapy goals and support into a home team intervention plan.