I cannot express enough gratitude to Arlene for all the hard work she has done with my son Keanush. Keanush has progressed so much over the years. He went from non-verbal to saying “mom” spontaneously for the first time at the age of 6. He is now 9 and can’t stop talking. Arlene is a brilliant therapist. She knows how to keep Keanush on point and also keeping therapy fun! Skylark Therapy was the treatment my son needed to improve his overall outcome with regards to speech, language and communication. Arlene gave me the tools so I can be the best for my son and I can never thank her enough for helping me help my son. Thank you for everything Arlene!

~ Elham Rasuli

I have been using Skylark services and Agnes Gradowski has been my daughter’s Speech Therapist for a number of years. Agnes has been a great therapist and has helped my daughter a great deal with reading comprehension, math, life skills, problem solving skills, and much more. Agnes is a great and wonderful therapist and person, very professional, very patient with my daughter. My daughter feels very comfortable working with Agnes and I am very happy with my daughter’s progress over the years, and I am so greatful to Agnes and Skylark for their services.

~ Claudia Rodas

Ivona is an amazing passionate and caring Speech Therapist. My son worked hard but enjoyed the sessions. She really tapped into his interests and worked on connecting while communicating. Can’t say enough great stuff about our experience with her. I’m sure it will really depend on the provider you get but we had a wonderful experience with Skylark.

~ Laurie Brown

I was not educated how Occupational Therapy could help my son. 4 years has improved my son’s capacity to focus his mind and body since I started with Hannah. She has brought many solutions and goals that have motivated more to help my son’s growing abilities. I can confide and trust her for my son’s personal weaknesses and strengths. Excellence and professional strategies is all that Hannah has given to our family. My son is so excited and overjoyed when he plays with Hannah!

Our son has been visiting with Hannah for a while now. We have truly appreciated the work and connection Hannah is achieving with our son! My son enjoys his appointments and is excited to see Hannah! Thank you!

The love for Music has improved my son’s communication tremendously. Nam has brightened and has brought more happiness to my son. The stimulation of sounds with many international instruments and her beautiful singing inspires my son. She understands my son’s moods and can professionally resolve his disposition. Music helps my son relax and communicate his own style. He always loves to dance and play with Nam!

~ Carolyn Factor